English. Let’s explore our planet with Google Earth!

What is Google Earth? It is a Google service
providing a 3D view of the whole Earth and
every place on our wonderful planet. And
not just that. Google Earth is something like
a very detailed map, on steroids.

На перший погляд, може здатися, що ця програма ідентична додатку Google maps, але головною відмінністю Google Earth від картографічної Google Maps та інших схожих програм – це можливість тривимірного перегляду ландшафту поверхні землі або споруд.

Одною з головних переваг такого додатку – це можливість подорожувати світом навіть не виходячи з дому! (у наш час це актуально, як ніколи).

Let’s travel the world from home!

To begin our first journey through the Google Earth, all we need is any device with the Internet.

Take your computer, laptop or smartphone and start browsing Google Earth! You can visit Mexico, Bali or Madagascar in a few minutes and be amazed by the beauty of your dream countries and outer universe. Of course, it is not the very same feeling as travelling in person. But Google Earth has one advantage. You can wear your comfortable pyjamas while looking at everything you ever wanted to see.

Let’s have a look, what Google cooked for us!

Terrain and 3D buildings

With the layer “3D Buildings” you can watch museums, fountains, art… All of that as 3D models. The terrain is simulating the elevation levels, creating unique 3D experiences. Google Earth allows you to zoom into cities. This option is not yet available in all the places in the world.

Watch video more information!

The Sky

The universe is endless and has still a lot to unveil.
When you choose the “sky” layer of Google Earth
you will get an incredible view of nearby galaxies,
planets, and stars. But your experience doesn’t end
with watching our planet moves and admiring our
universe. You can learn from astronomy podcasts
and read expert studies. I wish, astronomy would have been this fun in school

You can even travel to another planets like Moon or Mars!

Historical sceneries

Time travel is possible! You don’t believe me? Google Earth can take you into the past. Look at how your neighborhood changed over time. You may notice, how the population grew, what has been built over time and see how we have changed the whole environment during the last century. You can see all those changes in the date range.

The Ocean

Humankind is trying to conquer the universe, but forgets the beauty and wealth of the ocean. With Google Earth you can start the journey to the ocean seafloor and admire creatures living deep in the ocean. By the way, there you can even observe the footage of the Titanic shipwreck, which you can look at in detail.

Окрім всім відомого затонулого корабля “Titanic” у світі існує багато цікавих та незвичайних речей, які також можна знайти користуючись даним сервісом Google.

Доказом цього є наступне відео “Unusual places found on Google Earth!” Ті місця, що ви побачите там – це лише маленька частина того що існує насправді.

Unusual places found on Google Earth!

And here is the task. Listen carefully to the video again and fill in the gaps with missing words or phrases.


Student’s book: p. 64, ex. 1-2

Great! Keep it up!

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